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Tips SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a way that is done by the Web master or the blog master to optimize their site or blog to get good rankings on search engines or search engine. These SEO tips I got from the blog master Rohman.
The tips are the following:
1. Original Content / content orsinil.

The first thing to remember for your blog to get good rankings on search engines is the content of your blog is orsinil fruit of your own writings or in other words not copy and paste the results from the work of others. Besides the optimization of search engines, copy and paste actions often invite problems from the original owner of the work, let alone that you copy and paste is protected by law or in other words the copyright, you can really get serious problems.

2. Inserting Meta tags

For how to install the meta tags can be found here

3. Put the keyword meta Tags that match the content of your blog.

4. Selection of a good blog template.

That the intention to choose a good template here include a template that we use the first time in loading is not part of the post let alone sidebar footer. If you're observant, when you open this blog belong to me then that opens the first time is part of the header then the post, and then the sidebar and the last is the footer. If you are experiencing the same thing with what I wrote earlier, then it is also found at the search engine spiders, when the crawler visited your blog search engine, part of the crawler plot as I wrote earlier. Well if your blog is in access is part of the sidebar first then it can be sure your blog will lose the position to access the blog in his post first.

For this of course depends on the designer template in terms of putting in place the post code on a position on the sidebar or below the sidebar.

5. You should never choose a template that sidebarnya located on the left and right.

If you use a 3 column template that it was the sidebar on the left and right, it can be sure that the first time in loading the sidebar on the left first and then the post. Unlike the case with the second template 3 column sidebarnya located on the left or both on the right, because although both are in the left sidebar, post code can still be placed on top of the sidebar code to set the float code in the template.

6. Do not be too often change the template.

7. Do not over fill the left sidebar with heavy data.

If you're too in love with templates 3 columns that it was the sidebar on the left and right, then you should not too much stuffing left sidebar with heavy data. Data on heavy categorize such banners or images, animation, javascript, and others. If you store data that is too heavy on the left sidebar, then during crawling by the search engine will be very difficult to reach to the content of your post, so that your position will be defeated by its news blog that advance in crawling. So should that be in store on the left is only the writings of ordinary light for the access / loading.

8. Use bold, italic, or underline.

The use of letters bold, italic, or underline the keywords that the sense of importance on the post is very good for search engine optimization. Suppose the post we discuss about the free templates, so in the writings of our free templates are printed in bold, italic, or underline. But even so let thicken a similar writing too much in one post because it is considered spam by search engines, in this case is google, so yes that's natural.

9. Always use the tag "alt" in the picture.

Search engines generally do not quite understand the meaning of a picture, then it should add the code "alt" on your image code. Tags "alt" is an extension of the "alternative", so the machine will better recognize pencarie intent when using tag your image "alt".

10. Do not create hidden text or hidden links.

What is meant by hidden text or hidden links is to make s ebuah text or link the same color as the background so as not to be seen by visitors to the blog. So for this one should not be done, because it will make google's wrath on your blog because it is considered deceive the eyes of visitors.

11. Try to keep your blog linked by many blogs or websites.

More and more blogs or websites create links to your blog, the better the assessment of the search engine to your blog, and even better if your blog is linked by having a high page rank.

12. Make between a post linking (linking) with the other postings.

One attempt that can be done by yourself is between a posting that one associated with the other postings, say I often write the words that contain such links, please read here, please read this post, and others so that between the posts each other so nge mutual links.

13. Try not to have a broken link (broken link).

14. Always update (update) your blog with new postings.

I have to go yes ...^_^

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