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FRIED RICE Beringharjo - Chinese Javanese culinary delights

Jalan Raya Bantul No. 106

If you are one fan of noodles, when it was in Yogyakarta try to stop by to visit Shibishu noodle diner located in Bantul Highway No.106. This place can be reached about five minutes from Malioboro, exactly 500 meters south of the Corner Beteng Kulon. Do not be fooled by its name rather smelled of Japan, these noodles are owned by the original Yogya and has been operating since 25 years lalu.Warung this meal is the most visited compared to other food stalls around him.

In addition to these keramaiannya at first I was quite confused with what I would encounter in this diner. This place is famous by the name of 'noodle dumb'. There are some fun my mind with regard to the term. First, the noodles are so delicious, so when a try, we will silence the alias could not speak. Mind the latter, who peddle this noodle aka the seller is a person who speech impaired or mute. When ordering a serving of fried noodles to a middle-aged woman who was dispensing fraudulent seasoning I guess I thought that both had fallen, because the mother was able to talk. But then in the end I know one of two my guess was right, here's the full story.

In addition to ordering fried noodles, I also ordered sweet tea warm as a companion to eat. While waiting for the order arrived, I slowly began to understand one reason why this place is famous by the name of noodles mute. It turned out that the servant who distribute orders to customers was a woman speech impaired (dumb). There is one more person who helps mothers and cook noodles peracik along my observations are also 'silent' or not talk as long as doing his job pengipas coals in the brazier.

Quite a long time my order arrived. This may be because the shop only uses a charcoal-fired stove to cook all customer orders. While waiting for the orders of noodles, which come first treat is the warm sweet tea. Quite different from other places that serve tea using only the glass. Here also given an additional a small pot of tea to jog if the water in the glass was gone. Besides different in presentation, this tea is also different in taste when compared with tea elsewhere. Sruputan first taste of tea when it left the sensation of its own. If allowed to borrow the tag line of a tea product, this is the sensation wasgitel (fragrant, sepet, legi, and kentel). The aroma coming out from the heat of the tea aroma of coffee caused a distinctive fragrance. Blackish brown color of tea that shows consistency and taste sepet the imprint on the tip of the tongue. Then fitted with an elegant sweet than sugar cubes dipped in tea. Already long time I did not feel like this tea. Finally, I tasted a delicious tea a few years ago when doing social research culture in the area of ​​North Tegal.

After nearly 20 minutes of waiting I finally fried noodle orders delivered by the woman dumb. Views fried noodles at a glance, almost equal to the noodles in other places, it's just a little brighter color may be due to not using too much soy sauce. These noodles are made from two types of noodles, the yellow noodles and vermicelli. Then, equipped with small pieces of meat chicken and celery. The first mouthful when trying to noodle dumb it makes me almost speechless. Seasonings that surrounds this very thick noodles and soak into the noodles. At first glance these noodles taste like a slightly over-seasoning, but it all disappeared when followed by a further sop-sop.

In preparing the table is also provided a very good chili if diceplus together with noodles. It is not forgotten from eating at the noodles are mute when it resumed after eating noodles with hot tea wasgitel. Two things-the noodles and tea-like completing each other with respective advantages to make the experience unforgettable culinary tour for you. In the end, I am quite happy that my two guesses at the beginning of writing right there. Bami Shibishu made me lose the words and was silent for a moment because of their pleasures.

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