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SEO for beginners

Learning SEO is not endless, are many tricks tips SEO tips and tricks. But why just using SEO Tip Itchy Hands only. That itch that does not make an article every day, itching if not love neighbor's comment to the blog, itchy if not typing in google.com to learn and seek new knowledge.
SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, meaning ngawurnya is for our articles could go well ugliest front page to page 3, from search engines such as google.com, yahoo.com, or msn.com. What is difficult? nor even easy. Cook anyway? yes, if you do not believe it try to create an article whose title was long and a little competition. Examples?, Create their own arbitrary course if I confused you an example "seo hands itch", that was not generally be guaranteed entrance so the first page, and most of its own. Try to check at www.google.com.
Why is SEO so difficult?
SEO so difficult if we aim was also targeted by millions of people, and keywords that we attach high value or high price keyword PPC. And that's even harder is the short keywords such as "marketing", "insurance", "trading", and other short keyword.

So what should I do?

My advice continues to learn and learn well, follow the developments, and try prakekkan every day with:
1. Create your blog has a google sitemap and register to webmater.
2. Update / post to your blog every day or once a week ugliest.
3. Create an article that does not dupliate, or do not kopas, copy and paste from your blog / website, or have unique content.
4. Find backlinks to the blog that had a high PR,
5. Perform analysis of the keywords that your viewfinder. Use the google tools.
6. Create your blog have good statistical data wordpress plugin facilities as well as from Google Analytics.

7. Do not forget also not complicated SEO

Apasih SEO benefits?

The benefit is to the index to search engines and indexes that are on the first page so people looking for relevant information. Of course you need to install the ad again sodium absorption ratio (meaning low-cost) or free. And from that page people will click the link to your website. And disinah the main traffic, visitors to your blog will increase even dikuar you can have thousands of allegations of people every day. What are the benefits of traffic? you try to ask on the grass that rocked ....

why only the message, if you can whiz sampean outside the cage, with SEO for keywords in English, please pakde taught (kekekeke). Loh kok actually learning? Well this is the tips and tricks to learn SEO.

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