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How to list google adsense?

What is the sense of Google AdSense?

What is Adsense or Google AdSense, Google AdSense understanding is a program of joint advertising or google adsense ads that through the internet and hosted by Google.com. Website or Blog Owners who have registered and approved (approved) membership by Google AdSense, then they are allowed to put google adsense ad unit that has been provided by Google on page Website / Blog them.
What is google adsense. The owners of the website or blog will obtain income / profit sharing revenue from Google, for each google adsense ads that are clicked by visitors to your website / blog that has been fitted with google adsense ads, this system known as pay per click (ppc) or paid because there is activity on advertising click google adsense. Contextual AdSense Ads from nature, so that the ads will automatically show google adsense ads that match the content of the Website / Blog fitted with google adsense ads.

In addition, Google AdSense provides also AdSense for Search (AdSense for search) and referral (referral ads). For AdSense for Search, Website owner / Blogs can install the Google search box on the page Website / Blog them. The owner of the site will get revenue from Google AdSense for search activity performed every visitor through the search box, which may continue with the activities click on google adsense ads that are included in the search results. On referral ads / referrals, site owners will get income after click on the ad continues with certain actions by visitors who have agreed between the parties with party advertisers Google google adsense.

Google AdSense asking the owners of the website / blog using a language that has been determined by Google, such as English, German, Italy and so forth, but the Indonesian certainly not on the list of languages ​​used. Google AdSense is a PPC program is the most widely favored by publishers around the world. This is because concrete has been proven to generate dollars to put google adsense ads in Website / Blog. With these activities we can generate dollars from Website / Blog us. Google Adsense is one of dozens or even hundreds of affiliate programs in the form of PPC (Pay Per Click).

Your question about what it is or what it is google adsense adsense may have missed. To know the terms above. You also can learn the terms used in Google AdSense.

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