Kamis, 07 April 2011

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is the opposite of White Hat SEO. Black hat SEO when translated literally means the cap, while the white hat, white hat SEO means. But, that is certainly different from the Translation. Now what is the sense of black hat SEO, the following definition of black hat SEO:
\1. By definition Free.
Black hat SEO is begaikan ways to obtain a high position or SERP (Search Engine Result Page) on search engines in ways that violate rules or ethics serch engine.

2. Definition Focus On "How Cheating"
Blackhat SEO is to exploit the weaknesses of the search engine algorithm in a way violated our webmaster guidelines. Blackhat SEO is basically a way to rig or manipulate search engines.

3. Definition of Focus On the "Internet Users"
SEO Blackhat SEO is to use only for purposes of search engine users are not on the internet.

4. Definition Focus On "Money"
Blackhat SEO is only focused on how to get the money as much as possible by ignoring the "value of information" that would be obtained by Internet users.

5. Definition Focus On "Guide Search Engines"
Blackhat SEO is using methods that violate search engines guidelines.

That is some understanding of black hat SEO which basically bahwah black hat SEO are techniques that violate the rules, how to cheat and ignore ethical values​​.

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