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Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is the opposite of White Hat SEO. Black hat SEO when translated literally means the cap, while the white hat, white hat SEO means. But, that is certainly different from the Translation. Now what is the sense of black hat SEO, the following definition of black hat SEO:
\1. By definition Free.
Black hat SEO is begaikan ways to obtain a high position or SERP (Search Engine Result Page) on search engines in ways that violate rules or ethics serch engine.

2. Definition Focus On "How Cheating"
Blackhat SEO is to exploit the weaknesses of the search engine algorithm in a way violated our webmaster guidelines. Blackhat SEO is basically a way to rig or manipulate search engines.

3. Definition of Focus On the "Internet Users"
SEO Blackhat SEO is to use only for purposes of search engine users are not on the internet.

4. Definition Focus On "Money"
Blackhat SEO is only focused on how to get the money as much as possible by ignoring the "value of information" that would be obtained by Internet users.

5. Definition Focus On "Guide Search Engines"
Blackhat SEO is using methods that violate search engines guidelines.

That is some understanding of black hat SEO which basically bahwah black hat SEO are techniques that violate the rules, how to cheat and ignore ethical values​​.

SEO for beginners

Learning SEO is not endless, are many tricks tips SEO tips and tricks. But why just using SEO Tip Itchy Hands only. That itch that does not make an article every day, itching if not love neighbor's comment to the blog, itchy if not typing in google.com to learn and seek new knowledge.
SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, meaning ngawurnya is for our articles could go well ugliest front page to page 3, from search engines such as google.com, yahoo.com, or msn.com. What is difficult? nor even easy. Cook anyway? yes, if you do not believe it try to create an article whose title was long and a little competition. Examples?, Create their own arbitrary course if I confused you an example "seo hands itch", that was not generally be guaranteed entrance so the first page, and most of its own. Try to check at www.google.com.
Why is SEO so difficult?
SEO so difficult if we aim was also targeted by millions of people, and keywords that we attach high value or high price keyword PPC. And that's even harder is the short keywords such as "marketing", "insurance", "trading", and other short keyword.

So what should I do?

My advice continues to learn and learn well, follow the developments, and try prakekkan every day with:
1. Create your blog has a google sitemap and register to webmater.
2. Update / post to your blog every day or once a week ugliest.
3. Create an article that does not dupliate, or do not kopas, copy and paste from your blog / website, or have unique content.
4. Find backlinks to the blog that had a high PR,
5. Perform analysis of the keywords that your viewfinder. Use the google tools.
6. Create your blog have good statistical data wordpress plugin facilities as well as from Google Analytics.

7. Do not forget also not complicated SEO

Apasih SEO benefits?

The benefit is to the index to search engines and indexes that are on the first page so people looking for relevant information. Of course you need to install the ad again sodium absorption ratio (meaning low-cost) or free. And from that page people will click the link to your website. And disinah the main traffic, visitors to your blog will increase even dikuar you can have thousands of allegations of people every day. What are the benefits of traffic? you try to ask on the grass that rocked ....

why only the message, if you can whiz sampean outside the cage, with SEO for keywords in English, please pakde taught (kekekeke). Loh kok actually learning? Well this is the tips and tricks to learn SEO.

Tips Trik SEO: Optimasi-Optimasi pada Postingan

Jarang sekali blog saya ini memberikan artikel dengan tema tips dan trik SEO, bukan karena malas atau tidak mau tetapi karena belum bisa. Saya juga baru belajar SEO di blogspot, akhirnya saya beranikan diri untuk membuat postingan belajar SEO dengan judul "Optimasi-Optimasi pada Postingan". Optimasi-optimasi SEO pada postingan adalah sebagai berikut:
1. Berikan Efek Bold, Italic atau Underline pada tulisan yang mengandung keyword. Mengapa? karena google lebih tertarik atau mementingkan tulisan yang diberi efek bold dll, dibandingkan dengan tulisan biasa.

2. Berikan Link pada tulisan yang mengandung keyword. Seperti tips trik SEO no 1, google lebih mementingkan tulisan dalam bentuk link. Contohnya adalah sebagai berikut: Cara Memasang MP3 di Blog.

3. Mencari backlink yang mengarah pada postingan kita. Backlink adalah link dari blog lain yang menuju atau mengarah ke postingan kita. Akan tetapi tidak sembarang link, link yang didapatkan haruslah dofollow dan berkualitas. Link tersebut dapat didapatkan dengan memberikan komentar pada blog-blog yang dofollow.

4. Mengganti Judul Posting. Apabila kita membuat postingan lalu kita publikasikan, maka postingan ini memiliki alamat url. Apabila saya membuat postingan judul "Cara Mudah Membuat Blog Auto Content", maka linknya akan menjadi seperti ini: http://halamankomputer.blogspot.com/2010/01/cara-mudah-membuat-blog.html. Nah alamat itu tidak SEO friendly, agar SEO friendly maka alamatnya harus seperti ini http://forantum.blogspot.com/2010/01/membuat-blog-auto-content.html. Caranya buat postingan dengan judul "Membuat Blog Auto Content", lalu apabila sudah dipublikasikan segera ganti dengan judul asli "Cara Mudah Membuat Blog Auto Content".

5. Masukkan artikel kita pada Social Bookmarking dan iklan baris gratis dofollow. Ini semua dilakukan agar selain postingan kita memdapatkan backlink, postingan kita juga akan cepat terindeks. Social bookmarking yang paling saya sukai adalah lintasberita.com dan untuk iklan baris gratis dofollow anda dapat mencarinya di google dengan keyword "Iklan Baris Gratis Dofollow".

6. Pilih Judul postingan yang baik. Tidak diragukan lagi, judul postingan sangat mempengaruhi kualitas postingan kita pada pencarian SE (Search Engine). Oleh karena itu, pilihlah judul postingan yang tepat.

Mungkin hanya itu yang dapat saya berikan, apabila ada sobat blogger yang mempunyai tips trik SEO lain silakan tulis di kotak komentar dibawah ini. Mari kita berbagi ilmu....

Tips SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a way that is done by the Web master or the blog master to optimize their site or blog to get good rankings on search engines or search engine. These SEO tips I got from the blog master Rohman.
The tips are the following:
1. Original Content / content orsinil.

The first thing to remember for your blog to get good rankings on search engines is the content of your blog is orsinil fruit of your own writings or in other words not copy and paste the results from the work of others. Besides the optimization of search engines, copy and paste actions often invite problems from the original owner of the work, let alone that you copy and paste is protected by law or in other words the copyright, you can really get serious problems.

2. Inserting Meta tags

For how to install the meta tags can be found here

3. Put the keyword meta Tags that match the content of your blog.

4. Selection of a good blog template.

That the intention to choose a good template here include a template that we use the first time in loading is not part of the post let alone sidebar footer. If you're observant, when you open this blog belong to me then that opens the first time is part of the header then the post, and then the sidebar and the last is the footer. If you are experiencing the same thing with what I wrote earlier, then it is also found at the search engine spiders, when the crawler visited your blog search engine, part of the crawler plot as I wrote earlier. Well if your blog is in access is part of the sidebar first then it can be sure your blog will lose the position to access the blog in his post first.

For this of course depends on the designer template in terms of putting in place the post code on a position on the sidebar or below the sidebar.

5. You should never choose a template that sidebarnya located on the left and right.

If you use a 3 column template that it was the sidebar on the left and right, it can be sure that the first time in loading the sidebar on the left first and then the post. Unlike the case with the second template 3 column sidebarnya located on the left or both on the right, because although both are in the left sidebar, post code can still be placed on top of the sidebar code to set the float code in the template.

6. Do not be too often change the template.

7. Do not over fill the left sidebar with heavy data.

If you're too in love with templates 3 columns that it was the sidebar on the left and right, then you should not too much stuffing left sidebar with heavy data. Data on heavy categorize such banners or images, animation, javascript, and others. If you store data that is too heavy on the left sidebar, then during crawling by the search engine will be very difficult to reach to the content of your post, so that your position will be defeated by its news blog that advance in crawling. So should that be in store on the left is only the writings of ordinary light for the access / loading.

8. Use bold, italic, or underline.

The use of letters bold, italic, or underline the keywords that the sense of importance on the post is very good for search engine optimization. Suppose the post we discuss about the free templates, so in the writings of our free templates are printed in bold, italic, or underline. But even so let thicken a similar writing too much in one post because it is considered spam by search engines, in this case is google, so yes that's natural.

9. Always use the tag "alt" in the picture.

Search engines generally do not quite understand the meaning of a picture, then it should add the code "alt" on your image code. Tags "alt" is an extension of the "alternative", so the machine will better recognize pencarie intent when using tag your image "alt".

10. Do not create hidden text or hidden links.

What is meant by hidden text or hidden links is to make s ebuah text or link the same color as the background so as not to be seen by visitors to the blog. So for this one should not be done, because it will make google's wrath on your blog because it is considered deceive the eyes of visitors.

11. Try to keep your blog linked by many blogs or websites.

More and more blogs or websites create links to your blog, the better the assessment of the search engine to your blog, and even better if your blog is linked by having a high page rank.

12. Make between a post linking (linking) with the other postings.

One attempt that can be done by yourself is between a posting that one associated with the other postings, say I often write the words that contain such links, please read here, please read this post, and others so that between the posts each other so nge mutual links.

13. Try not to have a broken link (broken link).

14. Always update (update) your blog with new postings.

I have to go yes ...^_^

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How to list google adsense?

1. Sign up for Google Adsense to Monetize Method at Blogger
This method alone could last long and there are no obstacles in getting the adsense account. But a few months to get the adsense account with this method does not work I do.
Although now unable to get an account Adsenese using this method, I recommend a friend try to register by using this method, because the name Google Adsense is easy-so easy to list.

2. Cara selanjutnya adalah Mendaftar Google Adsense dengan bergabung Flixya.com
Cara dibawah ini bisa juga sahabat coba untuk mendapatkan Google Adsense dengan bergabung ke Flixya.com Langkah-langkahnya adlah
• Daftar dulu Flixya dengan mendaftar disini http://www.flixya.com/nav/register
• Isi Formulirnya sampai selesai
• Setelah berhasil mendaftar klik star now, chek ke email,lalu verifikasi flixya nya, kemudian login,sesudah itu mulai lah posting,caranya klik write_blog artikel
• Tambahkan photo di upload photos,klik my_account>>add_center>>my_add seting, kemudian masukan email yang tadi didaftarkan acount flixya nya,,klik ok, dan tunggu email pemberitahuan dari google adsensenya.
Note: jangan lupa pakai Email Gmail ya... semoga berhasil

3. Mendaftar Google adsense dengan www.docstoc.com
Kunjungi www.docstoc.com/DocCash, jangan lupa daftar di www.docstoc.com/DocCash
Setelah itu ada pilihan “All you need is a Google AdSense account to join. Don’t have one yet? That’s okay – we’ll help you set one up. It’s easy.”
- Pilih “I’d like to set up an adsense account “, jangan lupa masukkan lagi Gmail jangan yang lain
Maka konfirmasi akan dikirimkan ke Email yang didaftarkan, Klik saja konfirmasi tersebut untuk mengisi aflikasi Google Adsense.
Setelah selesai mengisi aflikasi Google Adsense, jangan lupa untuk Login ke akun Docstoc, untuk melengkapi Profil dan upload dokumen sebanyak 10 dokumen, dan jangan lupa dokumennya kalau bisa harus berbahasa Inggris.

4. Mendaftar Google Adsense dengan bergabung ke www.indyarocks.com

Kunjungi www.indyarocks.com, isi formulir yang dimintanya setelah itu klik Join The Celebration, ikuti saja permintaannya mulai dari foto profil sampai selesai
Setelah itu cari My Life, Diatas pojok kiri. dan cari seperti gambar dibawah ini, sebelah kanan website, kalian Klik Earnings*Google adsense*
Setelah itu kalian akan masuk ke cek kelayakan kalian dalam menjadi member Google adsense... Klik Check Eligibilty.
Namun Kelayakan belum akan didapatkan, maka yang dilakukan adalah Posting 10 Artikel berbahasa inggris, Upload 10 poto, lengkapi identitas.
Setelah selesai, masuk lagi ke menu My Life, Klik lagi Earnings*Google adsense*,kalian check lagi kelayakan kalian untuk bisa masuk google adsense
Maka ada perintah masukkan alamat email, ingat masukkan Email dari Gmail, jangan email yang lain.
Formulir akan dikirimkan ke email, tunggu saja beberapa hari kalau emailnya belum sampai

Demikian teman-teman info nya semoga bermanfaat.

How to list google adsense?

What is the sense of Google AdSense?

What is Adsense or Google AdSense, Google AdSense understanding is a program of joint advertising or google adsense ads that through the internet and hosted by Google.com. Website or Blog Owners who have registered and approved (approved) membership by Google AdSense, then they are allowed to put google adsense ad unit that has been provided by Google on page Website / Blog them.
What is google adsense. The owners of the website or blog will obtain income / profit sharing revenue from Google, for each google adsense ads that are clicked by visitors to your website / blog that has been fitted with google adsense ads, this system known as pay per click (ppc) or paid because there is activity on advertising click google adsense. Contextual AdSense Ads from nature, so that the ads will automatically show google adsense ads that match the content of the Website / Blog fitted with google adsense ads.

In addition, Google AdSense provides also AdSense for Search (AdSense for search) and referral (referral ads). For AdSense for Search, Website owner / Blogs can install the Google search box on the page Website / Blog them. The owner of the site will get revenue from Google AdSense for search activity performed every visitor through the search box, which may continue with the activities click on google adsense ads that are included in the search results. On referral ads / referrals, site owners will get income after click on the ad continues with certain actions by visitors who have agreed between the parties with party advertisers Google google adsense.

Google AdSense asking the owners of the website / blog using a language that has been determined by Google, such as English, German, Italy and so forth, but the Indonesian certainly not on the list of languages ​​used. Google AdSense is a PPC program is the most widely favored by publishers around the world. This is because concrete has been proven to generate dollars to put google adsense ads in Website / Blog. With these activities we can generate dollars from Website / Blog us. Google Adsense is one of dozens or even hundreds of affiliate programs in the form of PPC (Pay Per Click).

Your question about what it is or what it is google adsense adsense may have missed. To know the terms above. You also can learn the terms used in Google AdSense.

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FRIED RICE Beringharjo - Chinese Javanese culinary delights

Jalan Raya Bantul No. 106

If you are one fan of noodles, when it was in Yogyakarta try to stop by to visit Shibishu noodle diner located in Bantul Highway No.106. This place can be reached about five minutes from Malioboro, exactly 500 meters south of the Corner Beteng Kulon. Do not be fooled by its name rather smelled of Japan, these noodles are owned by the original Yogya and has been operating since 25 years lalu.Warung this meal is the most visited compared to other food stalls around him.

In addition to these keramaiannya at first I was quite confused with what I would encounter in this diner. This place is famous by the name of 'noodle dumb'. There are some fun my mind with regard to the term. First, the noodles are so delicious, so when a try, we will silence the alias could not speak. Mind the latter, who peddle this noodle aka the seller is a person who speech impaired or mute. When ordering a serving of fried noodles to a middle-aged woman who was dispensing fraudulent seasoning I guess I thought that both had fallen, because the mother was able to talk. But then in the end I know one of two my guess was right, here's the full story.

In addition to ordering fried noodles, I also ordered sweet tea warm as a companion to eat. While waiting for the order arrived, I slowly began to understand one reason why this place is famous by the name of noodles mute. It turned out that the servant who distribute orders to customers was a woman speech impaired (dumb). There is one more person who helps mothers and cook noodles peracik along my observations are also 'silent' or not talk as long as doing his job pengipas coals in the brazier.

Quite a long time my order arrived. This may be because the shop only uses a charcoal-fired stove to cook all customer orders. While waiting for the orders of noodles, which come first treat is the warm sweet tea. Quite different from other places that serve tea using only the glass. Here also given an additional a small pot of tea to jog if the water in the glass was gone. Besides different in presentation, this tea is also different in taste when compared with tea elsewhere. Sruputan first taste of tea when it left the sensation of its own. If allowed to borrow the tag line of a tea product, this is the sensation wasgitel (fragrant, sepet, legi, and kentel). The aroma coming out from the heat of the tea aroma of coffee caused a distinctive fragrance. Blackish brown color of tea that shows consistency and taste sepet the imprint on the tip of the tongue. Then fitted with an elegant sweet than sugar cubes dipped in tea. Already long time I did not feel like this tea. Finally, I tasted a delicious tea a few years ago when doing social research culture in the area of ​​North Tegal.

After nearly 20 minutes of waiting I finally fried noodle orders delivered by the woman dumb. Views fried noodles at a glance, almost equal to the noodles in other places, it's just a little brighter color may be due to not using too much soy sauce. These noodles are made from two types of noodles, the yellow noodles and vermicelli. Then, equipped with small pieces of meat chicken and celery. The first mouthful when trying to noodle dumb it makes me almost speechless. Seasonings that surrounds this very thick noodles and soak into the noodles. At first glance these noodles taste like a slightly over-seasoning, but it all disappeared when followed by a further sop-sop.

In preparing the table is also provided a very good chili if diceplus together with noodles. It is not forgotten from eating at the noodles are mute when it resumed after eating noodles with hot tea wasgitel. Two things-the noodles and tea-like completing each other with respective advantages to make the experience unforgettable culinary tour for you. In the end, I am quite happy that my two guesses at the beginning of writing right there. Bami Shibishu made me lose the words and was silent for a moment because of their pleasures.